Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something different in dolls

I specialize in creating Indian dolls. I am drawn to do them but recently I started on a different one of a kind ,special doll for a special reason. I have started making a gyro pilot doll to be raffled off to raise money for a club I belong to. You see, my other love besides making Indian dolls is flying...gyroplane flying , to be specific. In my other life I was a gyroplane flight instructor until I retired from flying several years ago.

Well, I am going to begin flying my gyro again. I have kept in touch with other gyro pilots and recently we got together to reactivate a chapter of the Popular Rotorcraft Assn. that was on the verge of disbanding . Our chapter members are planning to hold a gyroplane fly-in on the El Mirage dry lake in September. In our meetings we have been thinking of how we could raise money for the chapter coffers. Putting on a fly-in doesn't come cheaply !

I decided to make a male gyro pilot doll and one of the club members will contribute one of the wonderful model gyroplanes that he makes. My gyro pilot doll will be scaled to fit the model groplane and together doll and machine will be rafflled off.

Hopefully I will have learned how to post pictures on this blog by the time I get the doll finished. If so I will show you how pilot and machine turned out.

Stay tuned .
Marion Springer

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'll be creating Indian dolls again soon !

Hello friends , If you have visited this site before then you probably know that it is badly in need of updating...I agree. The problem with updating is that there has been no time for the past couple of years for me to do any doll creating, thus nothing to update with !

My family and I have had challenges and sorrows beginning with my oldest daughter losing her husband three years ago . I convinced her to come live with me. It has taken time to put her life back together and she is now in the process of moving into her own home next door to me .

Last year I lost my middle daughter to cancer and that rocked my world. It seems to be the wrong order when a child passes on before the parent. One month after losing Coby I lost my beloved Doberman, Vokie. He was three days short of 13 years of age and had been my constant companion since he was six weeks old.

While we never get over the death of a family member or of a much loved pet, we learn to live with the loss and look ahead to getting life back on an even keel. And finally we are all getting back on track.

I have missed making Indian dolls . Linda will be moving her furniture out of my workshop soon and I will again have a work place free of cats, and dogs where I can make Indian dolls to my hearts content.

It is great to have a place where I can work with polymer clay and not have to worry about getting cat hair all over it and I can walk away from the beadwork and just leave it where it is without having to gather everything up and hide it from the cats.
For a long time I have been wanting to make a young Indian man leaning against a tree and playing a flute while his lady love listens from the other side of the tree...another thing I want to make is a life size baby in a cradleboard, and the list goes on and on.
I'm looking forward to getting back into doll making full time. I would like to hear from you if there is anything in particular that you would like to see on this Indian doll website.
Marion Springer